Kilkenny College will hold their Open Days for enrolments into Form 1 in 2017 on the following dates:

Closing date for receipt of applications for 2017 Academic Year is 1st September 2016. Kilkenny College Open Days are by invitation only to those families who have submitted a completed official Intention to Enrol Form.










12th September 2016 - Monday

9:15 a.m. - Open Day for Boarder Boys

13th September 2016- Tuesday

9:15 a.m. - Open Day for Boarder Girls

15th September 2016 - Thursday

9:15 a.m. - Open Day for Day Pupils – Session 1

1:00 p.m. - Open Day for Day Pupils – Session 2 

Open Days are held each year in October for families who have applied for places in Form 1 for the following academic year starting in August. Closing date for applicants to Form 1 in August/September 2017 is September 1st 2016. Places available in Form 1 2017 are 144, comprised of 64 day pupil places, 40 boarder girl places and 40 boarder boy places.

Families are invited to attend the Open Day which includes:

A presentation by the Headmaster outlining:

o                The ethos of Kilkenny College,

o                The daily schedule,

o                The facilities of the College,

o                The staff,

o                The subjects taught,

o                The co-curricular programme,

o                The Transition Year programme,

o                Career Guidance,

o                Academic standards and achievements

Information on Grants from the Administrator of the Secondary Education Committee.

A Tour of the College accompanied by a member of staff and a Prefect.

Refreshments in the Dining Hall and a chance to meet members of staff.