‘A great success for a wonderful year group.’ That was the view of Kilkenny College Principal Mr. Simon Thompson following the issuing of this year’s Leaving Certificate. ‘The students more than fulfilled their potential. Congratulations to each and every one of them’, he continued.

Sport in the school is about humility, dedication and hardwork.  We need to keep up the numbers who play sport in our school.  This is part of our DNA. The work that is put into sports will compliment the success achieved in the classroom.  We must also continue to maintain a strong level of respect and gratitude to those in school that make these sports happen.  Without the teachers/coaches that are involved none of this would happen and I would like you to show your appreciation to all your teachers and coaches.  The awards for the 2015/16 season are as follows.


Ridgeway Cup Best U14 Boy Noah Pim
Elliot Cup – Best U15 Boy Chris Reynolds
Walshe Cup – Best U16 Boy Rory MacGabhann
Pococke Cup – Best Senior Boy Anu Awonusi
Sports Shield – Best Minor Girl Ruth Burke
Junior Victor Lodorum – Best Junior Girl from Forms 2 and 3 Ruby Millet
Victor Lodorum – Best Senior Girl Ellen Atkinson
Trevor Stedmond Cup – 100m for Boys Glenn Holmes

Summer Track and Field Athletics report 2016

The Summer term of 2016 has proven to be one of our most successful in the school’s history going back many years. The numbers turning up for athletics as their ECS choice is steadily on the rise, and hopefully with more input from other sports in the College this trend will continue in the coming years.

South Leinster Athletics championships

A total of eighty or so athletes donned the school singlet this year to represent Kilkenny College in the South Leinster Athletics championships held in the RSC in Waterford, late April and early May last. In all the team secured a total of thirty medals of a variety of colours spread across a range of events as diverse as Long Jump, High Jump and Pole Vault, Shot Putt, Discus and Javelin, Hurdles, relay and 1500m respectively.

Worthy winners of note included Alex MacNeill of Form 3 in the Inter girl’s Pole Vault, Ruby Millet also of Form 3 in the Inter girls Long Jump, and Anu Awonusi in the Senior Boys Shot Putt, where he set a new record distance.

It was fitting that Peter Lydon, probably one of the best kickers to play SCT rugby for Kilkenny College, was in attendance as a special guest today as our Junior and Senior rugby players battled it out in their place kicking competitions organised by Mr. Ashmore. Some of the kicking on display was hugely impressive and we had two surprising winners in each category.

The conclusion of the 2015-16 school year marks the retirement from the College staff of two outstanding senior teachers: Mrs. Sandra Morrow and Mr. David Milne. Both Mrs. Morrow and Mr. Milne represent the highest standards of professionalism in their careers as teachers at Kilkenny College. They have both overseen the development and growth of their respective departments of French and Music. They have both demonstrated at all times a desire to support learning for their students and shown great personal attention and care for everyone for whom they have had professional responsibility.

Mrs. Morrow and Mr. Milne have transmitted to generations of students a love and understanding of French and Music. It is evident that many of their former students have carried their learning and love of French or Music forward into their adult lives. Mrs. Morrow and Mr. Milne both stand as role models for the positive impact teachers can have on the lives of their students. The Boards, Parents Association, colleagues and students of the College thank them both for their enormous contributions to the life and development of Kilkenny College during their careers here. Both are wished every success as they move forward into new opportunities and phases of their lives. The leave with a deep expression of respect, gratitude and affection for them both from the entire community of Kilkenny College.