What:            TY inaugural Photography Exhibition.  

When:           Thursday 14thMarch 7pm

Where:          Kilkenny College Dining Hall

Why:              To raise funds for ‘JOHN NEEDS PEMBRO’

As part of our TY Photography long course we are running a photography exhibition to showcase the work undertaken during the course.  We would like to invite friends and families to this exhibition where refreshments will be provided and the photographs will be for sale.

All proceeds (donations at the door) will go to the ‘JOHN NEEDS PEMBRO’ fund, in aid of John Holmes’ medical treatment.  John has always been a strong supporter of Kilkenny College where both his children, Jonathan and Louise went to school.

John has an advanced metastic neo endocrine tumour, a high grade tumour similar to small cell lung cancer. His best chance of beating it is a course of injections of the immune inhibitor Pembrolizumab which is manufactured by MSD. Each injection will cost €5,111. The problem is that Pembrolizumab is not currently licensed by the HSE for John, so he is required to pay €5,111 (this includes VAT) in advance of each scheduled injection.


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