A full gallery of pictures from the 2019 Kilkenny College Prize day, courtesy of Vicky Comerford, can now be found online. Please click on the picture gallery on the top right hand side of the screen or click on the link below.


Prize Day 2019 Pictures

Please click below to download the re-opening schedule and key dates for the upcoming academic school year.

Re-opening schedule and key dates for 2019/20

An extensive gallery of pictures of our 2019 students receiving their results on Tuesday is now available online. Pictures taken by Dylan Vaughen. Please click the 'Picture Gallery' in the top right hand corner or alternatively follow the drop down menu under news. The link can also be clicked below.


Leaving Certificate Results 2019

Please see a letter from Mr. Simon Thompson regarding the Leaving Certificate results on Tuesday the 13th of August.


Wed 19thJune, 18.00 – 19.30, Room 4



The following books are available:



Irish – Cinnte 1 (2017) (Edco) x30

English – Fire and Ice 1(Edco) x43

German – Viel Spaß 1 (2nded. 2017) (Fallon) x20 

French – Bienvenue 1 (4thed. 2017) (Folens)  x28

Spanish – Aprendemos 1 (Folens) x2

Maths – Text and Tests 2018 ed. only (Celtic) x20

Business – Be Business 2016 (Gill) Workbook can be bought separately x20

RE – A Question of Faith (2014) (Edco) x24

Science – Exploring Science for the New Junior Cycle (2016) (Edco) x15



English – Fire & Ice 2 (Edco) x20; Romeo & Juliet (check version required)

                Lord of the Flies & Of Mice and Men (Novels) x15 each

French – Bienvenue 2 (4thed. 2018) (Folens) x5

Metalwork – Basic Engineering for J.Cert (Fallon) x10

MT Wood – J. Cert Wood Materials Technology (Edco) x15

Tech Graphics – Understanding Technical Graphics (G&M)Buy new W/book x20 Technology - Technology for JC (Golden Key) x2



Maths – Text & Tests 3 Ord (2015 onwards) (Celtic) x3

RE – Faith seeking Understanding - Sections B, C, D (Veritas) x6

Search for meaning - Sect A (Veritas) x10

Accounting  - Accounting for Senior Cycle (3rded.) (Edco) x3

History – The Making of Europe & the Wider World (Educate.ie) x4

Chemistry – Understanding Chemistry 2nded. (Edco) x10

Biology – Leaving Certificate ‘Life’ (Folens) (check class teacher) x10

Physics – Real World Physics (Folens) x6

Geography – Today’s World 1, 2017 (Edco) x4

Technology - Technology for LC (Golden Key) x2



RE - Worship, Prayer and Ritual - Sect G (Veritas) x3

English – King Lear (check version required) x 15

Irish – Fiuntas Nua 2016 (Ard) (Edco) x3

           Fuinneamh Nua 2016 (Ord) (Edco) x5

French – Exprimez-vous (Educate.ie) x10

               Montages toujours (Gill) x20

               A L’Attaque (2nded.) (Gill) x3

SECONDHAND BOOKS 2019 will be available for sale on Wednesday the 19thJune, 18.00 – 19.30, Room 4.  Books will be accepted up to Monday the 17that 4pm. A list of books for sale including quantities will be available on the website from Monday the 17th in preperation for the sale on Wednesday.

Please click read more to access the list of books being accepted.