Kilkenny College participated in the Move For Your School challenge organised by Kilkenny Recreation and Sports Partnership from March 1st to March 28th.  The aim of the challenge was to encourage as many staff and students from secondary schools in Kilkenny to be active.

The Challenge was organised using the Strava app which measures distances recorded and gives a breakdown of average pace along with other features.  To qualify for the challenge 15% of the school community minimum was needed and the results were based on the average km covered per participant.

There were over 200 members of the Kilkenny College school community who participated in the Challenge and there was lots of friendly rivalry between family members, year groups, staff members and friends.  Some of the pupils enjoyed getting one up on their teachers! After an exciting 4 weeks (fortunate with good weather), Kilkenny College finished overall in 1st place. The College also came 1st for three of the four weeks.  Collectively Kilkenny College  covered 31,353km.  The breakdown was as follows:

Form 1:                 2919.1km

Form 2:                 5483.61km

Form 3:                 5266.1km

Form 4:                 3364km

Form 5:                 2829.3km

Form 6:                 2773km

Staff:                     8717.89km

Well done to each and every participant who went above and beyond at times.

There were a number of participants who walked a full marathon over the course of the 4 weeks.  A marathon is 42.2km.  Those students were:

Wendy Fairbrother, Emma Cooke, Lauren Grace, Hugh Dagg,  Matthew Dragoi, Emily Fitzpatrick, Shaun Dalton, Rose Smyth and Ava Langrell. (Hugh Daag actually walked 2 marathons on the one weekend.)Three students completed a three quarter marathon too.  They were Aaron Langrell, Sass Thompson and Aphra Wallace

Sincere thanks to Mr David Lowry who led and encouraged the school community with such good humour. 

While the challenge is over, the message from Kilkenny Recreation and Sports Partnership is to keep active and stay healthy.