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School Calendar 2016/17

   Weekly Calendar - Vol. 3 Issue 8.                     Week Wednesday 18th - Friday 20th October. 2017




18th October


2.30 pm. KO for all matches

SCT v CUS in Monkstown Rugby Club.

2nds v CUS in Monkstown Rugby Club.

JCT A v CUS (L) at home.

JCT B v CUS at home.

U14 A v Rockwell College away.

7.15 pm

7.15 pm

6.15 pm.

18th October

Girls Hockey

Senior 1st Training

Senior 2nd Training

Senior 3rd v Junior A Girls on Pitch C. 4.30 pm PB

Senior 4th v Junior B1 Girls on Pitch D. 4.30 pm PB

Junior A v Senior 3rd Girls on Pitch C. 4.30 pm PB

Junior B1 v Senior 4th Girls on Pitch D. 4.30 pm PB

Junior B2 Training.

Minor A v Bandon Grammar, Cork away. 2.30 pm PB

Minor B v Form 1A Girls on Pitch D. 3.30 pm PB

Minor B2 v Bandon Grammar, Cork away. 3.30 pm PB

Form 1A v Minor B Girls on Pitch D. 3.30 pm PB

Form 1B, C1 & C2 v Mount Mercy Cork at home on Pitch C & D. 12 – 1.45 pm

8.00 pm

8.00 pm

18th October

Boys Hockey

Senior v High School at home. 2.00 pm PB.

Minor v High School at home. 2.00 pm PB.

19th October

TY trip to Oceanic Centre, Tramore

2.00 pm

19th/20th/21st October

U16 & U18 Girls South East Inter Provincial Hockey Tournament in Belfast

20th October

Form 2 Parent Teacher Meeting from 4.00 pm – 6.30 pm. in Swift Building.

ETA = Estimated time of arrival back to Kilkenny College

Advanced Notice



25th -27th October

Boys’ All-Ireland Hockey Championships in Cork C of I Hockey Club.

26th October

TY Charity Musical Performance

26th October

TY field trip to Brandon Hill

26th October

Form 1 Vaccinations

27th October

Form 1 Vaccinations

27th October

Mid Term Break

17th November

Sligo International Choral Festival

8th December

Form 6 Parent Teacher Meeting

19th December

Festival of Nine Lessons and Carols.



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Kilkenny College                                                                                                                                                       

Rugby Fixtures Wednesday 25th October 2017

Team Opposition Venue/Pitch Competition Time Leave Class/Food Depart/Return






 TY  Castleknock College  Home/hollow  League  2.30pm 11.30am/class till 1.35pm   
 JCT A  St Mary's College Dublin  Friendly  2.30pm  11.20am  11.45am/7.15pm
JCT B St Mary's College Dublin  Friendly 2.30pm 11.20am  11.45am/7.15pm

 U 15 A and B 

 Newbridge College  Newbridge  Friendly  2.30pm  11.20am/class till 12.15  12.20pm/6.15pm



Girls Hockey Fixtures Wednesday 18th October 2017






Leave Class/Food


Senior 1st


Home-Pitch C 


20th- 22nd October



Senior 2nd


Home-Pitch C




Senior 3rd

Junior A Girls

Home-Pitch C




Senior 4th

Junior B1 Girls

Home-Pitch D




Junior A

Senior 3rd Girls

Home-Pitch C




Junior B1

Senior 4th Girls

Home-Pitch D




Junior B2


Home- Pitch F




Minor A

Bandon Grammar Cork




Leave Class: 11.20am

Collect packed lunch

Bus: 11.30am

Tea: In Bandon Grammar


Minor B1

Form 1A Girls

Home-Pitch D




Minor B2

Bandon Grammar Cork




Leave Class: 11.15am

Collect packed lunch

Bus: 11.30am

Tea: Bandon Grammar


Form 1A

Minor B

Home-Pitch D




Form 1 B, C1 & C2

(See list of groups on hockey notice board) 

Mount Mercy Cork


Pitch C & D 



Leave Class: 11.20am

Early Lunch: 11.20am


Boys Hockey Fixtures

Team Opposition Venue/Pitch Competition Time Leave Class/Food Depart/Return
Senior A Newbridge Away League 3pm    
Senior B Newbridge Away League 3pm    
Junior A Newbridge Away League 3pm    
Minor A Newbridge Away League 3pm    
U13 A Newbridge Away League 3pm    
U13 B Newbridge Away League 3pm    
U13 C Newbridge Away League 3pm    



Educational trips

Trips to exhibitions, shows, lectures, factories, careers exhibitions etc. are arranged for pupils taking subjects such as Geography, Science, Art, Physical Education, English, History and Agricultural Science.

School Tours

Visits usually take place during the school holidays to Northern Ireland, England and the Continent.

Team sports

Players and supporters enjoy matches played ‘home and away’. There are regular rugby and hockey competitions during the season against local schools, Dublin schools and further afield, including trips to Ulster, Munster and occasionally to England and the Continent. The senior rugby team has travelled to Canada and France.

Cultural Excursions

These also take place to various locations, more recently to mainland Europe through our involvement in European Studies and the Comenius Project.

Language Exchanges

Language exchange programmes to France and Germany have been operating for several years.

Debating and Public Speaking

Both Debating and Public Speaking enjoy high profiles in Kilkenny College. The junior and senior clubs thrive and pupils who participate are equipped with invaluable lifelong skills. We enter many International, National and Regional competitions.

Chess and Draughts

Chess and Draughts Clubs are active with pupils taking part in competitions, both inside and outside the College.

An Gaisce

Participation in the President’s Awards – Gold, Silver and Bronze – takes place each season. Some continue their involvement into Third Level.


This activity teaches pupils how to participate in an adventure activity in a safe and controlled way.


International adventure has brought pupils as far away as Vietnam and to Kenya. Training commences with regular hill walking in the uplands of the South East. Pupils train and prepare for two years, learning how to fund-raise for themselves and be fully fit for the rigours of trekking in difficult terrain and climate.

Community Work

Within Kilkenny, the College plays its part in raising money for charity, e.g. Bake sales, clothes and mobile phone collections to name but a few. There is also an Annual Musical Evening held every May and Carol singing at Christmas time to raise funds for local charities.


‘The Swift Review’ is a news magazine with articles and news written by volunteering pupils. It gives a flavour of life in the college and beyond.



Four rugby pitches accommodate over a dozen teams of boys playing the game. Teams take part in the premier sections of the Leinster Senior and Junior Cup and League Competitions enjoying considerable success. Boys have attained representative honours for Leinster and Ireland.

spreadsheet RUGBY FIXTURES 2016/17 (39 KB)


Boys and girls play on two synthetic pitches and two shale pitches. Girls play within the South-East area while boys play in the Leinster competitions and have been very successful in recent years. Players, both girls and boys, have won interprovincial and international honours at under-16 and under-18 level.

Girls Hockey Training Times


This sport is undertaken largely on an individual basis but junior and senior teams take part in various competitions particularly in the summer term. Our pupils have attained international recognition in recent years.


We have many pupils who enjoy golf and some who represent the college with distinction in various local, provincial and inter school competitions. Some pupils take part in the Past Pupils’ Annual Golf Outing.

Tae Kwon Do

Tae Kwon Do is on every Friday in the Macadoo from 3.50-4.50. We have 2 black belts in 1st yr - Ashton Botha and Lydia Berry. They are pictured with Aoife Botha, past pupil and Master Michael Botha, instructor. 

Other Sports

Outdoor sports include tennis, cricket, soccer and cross-country running. The large Sports Hall is the venue for various indoor activities including physical education classes, indoor hockey, indoor soccer, basketball, weight training and table tennis.


Every first year pupil is taught swimming with organised lessons every week. The more competent swimmers can learn lifesaving and seniors can train to become Assistant Swimming Teachers.


Boys and girls receive coaching in the sport in our P.E. Hall. There is much interest and pupils recently won a national championship.


Our Equestrian Club was founded in 1993 and is still going strong, due the support, advice and enthusiasm of many of our students and their parents. Our club is best described by some of our members, both past and present.


“I enjoyed jumping for the College, because I was proud to represent it and be part of a good team spirit.”

Dean Wilson, showjumper and breeder, based in the UK.


“lt was a great experience competing on the school teams, the team spirit helped me learn to deal with the pressure of competing as a team.”

Richie Moloney, Showjumper, based in the USA.


“There was always great camaradrie amongst our teams and I was thrilled to be going to a school with a renowned equestrian background.”

Elizabeth Sterling, eventer and post-graduate university student in UCD.