Butler House Junior Boys Boarding

Our house team comprises:

Head of Junior Boys boarding

Mr John G Farrelly

House staff

Mr Lee Chadwick

Mr Liam Caddy

Mr Stephen Gray

Mr. Liam Maher


As well as this we have;

One overnight female house parent resident each night from Monday to Thursday.

Our College Nurse on campus and On Call every night the boys are here.

A total of 20 Dorm Prefects, drawn from Fourth and Fifth years, who assist in looking after the welfare of all our Boarders

A total boarding house of around 190 students in all ranging in age from 12 to 17yrs.


Daily routine for our boarders

•       7.15am                        = Wake up, tidy up.

•       7.45am                        = House cleared, all to breakfast.

•       8.15am                        = Finish house tidy and student prepare for class.

•       8.45am                        = Lock up dorms.

•       11.15am                      = Students have little break, tuck rooms opened.

•       11.30am                      = class resumes.

•       1.25pm                        = Lunch break tuck rooms opened.

•       2pm                            =  house cleared for resumption of class at 2.10pm

•       3.30pm                        = Class over students change for extra-curricular activities.

•       5.30pm                        = Games finish and change for tea.

•       5.30pm-6.40pm           = Break before prep.

•       6.40pm-8.40pm           = Prep.

•       8.40pm-9.40pm           = wind down time & ready for bed.

•       9.40pm                        = Bed and lights out


Other relevant information.

•       Normal school finishes at 5.15pm each Friday after which students are free to travel home.

•       At 5.30pm each Friday students can avail of a bus service to most towns in the greater South East area run by the parents association.

•       The school week begins on either Sunday night after 7pm or on Monday morning before 8.30am.

•       The House staff can be contacted on any of the following numbers

•       Landline 056 7723391   Mobile phone 0876834025

•       e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..